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Knowledge is Power!   Knowledge is Power!   Knowledge is Power!   Knowledge is Power!   Knowledge is Power!   Knowledge is Power!
Knowledge Base

“Knowledge is Power.“ - Lord Byron


Computer Architectures and Operating Systems

The Main Page

Computer Programming Technologies

 Front-End (Visual/OO) Development Tools

  • Microsoft’s Visual Basic
  • Borland’s Delphi
  • Microsoft’s Visual C++
  • Sybase’s PowerJ
  • Micorosft’s Visual J++
  • Borland’s Enterprise JBuilder
  • Sybase’s PowerBuilder
  • Sun’s Java WorkShop
  • Forte
  • Symantec’s Visual Cafe
  • Smalltalk
  • IBM Visual Age for Java
  • Supercede
  • Silverstream
Programming Resources

Systems / Software Development Technologies

 SDLC (Systems/Software Development Life-Cycle)

 SDLC  - The Grand View

 Software Metrics

 Systems Analysis & Design and Project Management Resources

 Software Architectures

 Software Engineering Essentials


Database Technologies

 Database Normalization

 Codd's 12 Rules for DBMSs

 Date's 12 Rules for Distributed Databases

 Data Transformation

 Database and Related Technologies Products

 DBMS - An Overview

 ER Modeling - an overview with examples

Enterprise Information Systems

 Enterprise Modeling

 Enterprise Architecture

 Information Technology - White Papers, Magazine Articles

 GIS Resources

 Data Warehousing - Microsoft Alliance Products/Vendors

 Data Warehousing Survival Kit

 Analytical Applications

 Enterprise Engineering, Application Development and Modelling Methodologies, Technologies and Tools - White Papers, Products, Courses, etc.

 Enterprise Knowledge

Internet Technologies

 Internet - An Overview

 XML Resources

 Telecommunications Library

 Web-based survey creation tool

 Telecom Resources

 Web-based PIMs: (InfoWorld, May 10, 1999)

Web Development Tools:(Electronic Publishing, May 1999)
  • Adobe Systems - PageMill, GoLive
  • Allaire Corp. - Cold Fusion, Studio
  • Bare Bones Software - BBEdit
  • BoxTop Software - ImageVice
  • Macromedia - Dreamweaver, Flash, Shockwave, Director
  • Microsoft - FrontPage
  • NetObjects - Fusion
  • Web Authoring Tools:
  • Adobe Systems, Inc. - PageMill 3.0
  • FileMaker, Inc. - Home Page 2.0
  • Macromedia, Inc. - Dreamweaver 2
  • Microsoft Corp. - FrontPage 2000
  • NetObjects, Inc. - NetObjects Fusion 4.0
  • SoftQuad Software, Inc. - HotMetal 5.0
  • E-Commerce

    PC Technologies

     Spreadsheets - An Overview

     Computer Graphics

    News etc.

     News et cetera

     Computer Jobs On-Line

  • Dice
  • Computer Jobs
  • Computer World
  • MacTalent
  • Job Cats
  • Developers
  • Computer Industry

     Industry Trade Shows

     Industry Professional Organizations

     White Paper Library

     "Book Store"

     Natural Language


    Mathematics and Statistics

     On-line Calculators


     Math College Level Topics

     Programming Courses Math Prerequisites

     More Math Refresh

     Statistics Software Guide

     Statistics Software

     Mathematics and Statistics Resources

    Quality Management

     Seven Quality Steps

     Quality Resources

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