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"How to Write Unmaintainable Code"

Microsoft Office Developer Forum
           Free Office-related stuff from Microsoft.
AOL Computing's Webopedia
           A great source for accurate, up-to-date information about computers and the Internet. Definitions are accompanied by related links
           to other great pages on the Web.
A view into Turning and von Newmann Computer Architectures

Quotes from B. Stroustrup

          OO Terminology

Java/JavaScript/Java Beans
    Download sites for Java and related tools:

JDK from Sun JavaSoft
Java Plug-in JVM for Browsers
Java Workshop
Oracle Jdeveloper
Java Beans
Some Java Source Code examples
JEdit - a GUI-based Java editor
Symantec Visual Café
Cliff's Java page (demo)
IBM VisualAge
IBM E-Suite
Star Office
Java and ActiveX Version Features
Related Java and ActiveX Links
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
Dr. WebSite
Enterprise Java Beans
Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Packaged EJB components
Coding Standard for Java
Java World
IBM's VisualAge for Java
Semantec's Visual Cafe
"Judging Java" (Network Computing, June 28, 1999)
"Control Freaks and Java Junkies"  (Network Computing, May 17, 1999)
"Java Connectivity With JDBC"  (Network Computing, May 3, 1999)
"Jini Basics: Interrelating With Java"  (Electronic Engineering, May 10, 1999)
"Contender or Champ? Judging Java"  (Electronic Engineering, May 10, 1999)
    Resource Center:
Tcl Consortium
Tcl Widgets
Scripts Corp. Tcl Resource Center
SCO Tcl Information page
John Ousterhout - the invetor of Tcl. 1994. Tcl and Tk Toolkit. Addison-Wesley
    Resource Center:
Microsoft Corp.
Borland Int'l
Buyer's Guide
"C Elements of Style"
C++ Code Sample
"Make it Work - Teaching C++" - a summary:
  • Determine how much your students know about the C language and then decide when to introduce teh object-oriented programming concepts into the syllabus
  • Give realistic and design-correct examples of how students can employ new concepts, such as classes, in their programs
  • Spend extra time detailing the correct use of pointers, how C++ uses them internally, and the advantages they present
  • Use extensive demos to illustrate the use of the standard template library to acquiant students with the process and its benefits
  • Schedule labs and demonstrations that elucidate the advantages of polymorphism as opposed to traditional approaches to programming.

  • PERL
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        Resource Center:
    Coming soon!
    Visual Basic/ActiveX/VBA/Visual Studio
        Resource Center:
    Microsoft's VB
    Microsoft's VBA
    Microsoft's Visual Studio
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        Resource Center:
    Free Software Foundation
    Penguin Computing
    Progressive Systems
    Red Hat