“The used key is always bright.“ – Benjamin Franklin
"In God we trust; rest of you bring in data." - Peter Drucker

The following are sample (self) test you may want to try.  For an evaluation please submit your answers at: info@it-smc.com

bulletProgramming Test
bulletProject Management Test
bulletChange Management
bulletThe Apprentice
bulletStrategy Execution
bulletAgile Philosophy
bullet Philosophies of Software Development
bullet What is Agile Methodology?
bullet SCRUM and Systems Development
bullet The Philosophy of SCRUM
bulletThe Green Shift Anti-Pattern
bulletWhat is Software Architecture?
bulletSoftware Architecture and Leadership
bullet Survey Says: Agile Works in Practice
bullet 7 Habits
bullet7 Habits Summary
bullet The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - by Stephen R. Covey
bullet The Road to IT Governance Excellence
bullet The Essential Unified Process
bulletTime Quotient (QT)
bullet Handling the Life Daily Problems
bullet What do Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, and George Foreman All Have In Common?
bullet The Golden Ratio
bullet What Does a Software Architect Do
bullet What is Software Architecture
bullet Responsibilities of a Software Architect
bullet Risk Themes Discovered Through Architecture
bullet 2007 Salary Survey
bullet Objects, Objects, Objects