Most-Popular Search Engines: (Source: Decision Analyst, Inc., Arlington, TX; based on a survey of 658 U.S. Internet users)
Networking Technologies available in a particular geographic region:
  • Cable Modems - High-Speed Helper
  • DSL - The List
  • Video on the Web: (Find states, cities and resources using multimedia at the following locations)
  • DakotaCast
  • Access Washington
  • New Jersey Home Page
  • Santa Monica, Calif.
  • Torrance, Calif.
  • Streaming Media World
  • RealNetworks
  • WebDeveloper's Guide to Online Video

  • Web Resources

               By Esther Grassian of the UCLA College Library, "Thinking Critically About WWW Resources"            Jan Alexander and Marsha Tate, reference librarians at Widener University offer evaluation checklists and other information at their
               site.            These are two extensive guides to finding what you need on the Web available from the University of Alberta. Kenton Good's
               "Finding Information on the Web" is listed above. There is also his "Advanced Web Searching" at
      (Thanks to Steve Rossen of UCLA's FNMC for this reference)

    Multimedia Resources

    World Wide "Wait:" (Top 5 Best-Performing Web sites)

  • Yahoo - 2.55 (average aceess time, in seconds, to download a home page)
  • Apple - 3.13
  • Lycos - 3.44
  • AltaVista - 3.53
  • Federal Express - 3.64
  • Web Security Links Web Traffic Analysis
    Telecommunications Books
    Articles IP over SONET and ATM

    The Web as a document sharing and repository medium

    Time Division Multiplexing

    Packet over SONET

    Security Resources

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    E-business Decision Maker

    "The virus is in the mail" (according to

    Virus Source    1996     1997     1998     1999
    E-mail                     9%       26%        32%        65%
    Diskette                74%       88%        67%        39%
    Download            12%        24%        14%        16%
    Unknown             15%          7%          5%          9%


    Copyrigth and Fair Use Act
                 An article by Kenneth Crews, an authority on the issue of copyright and fair use in education.
                 A rather amusing copyright site is called "Copyright Bay"-- The Dist-Ed Point section
      addresses the issue of fair use and other questions as they relate to distance
               learning. It provides a clear introduction to recent definitions and discussions on these issues. Also see the site's Bibliography for
               some additional references and updates.
                 An informative page at UCLA's Faculty New Media site that helps define fair use in different contexts and also offers links
               specifically for academics.
                 A site dealing specifically with web pages.
                 Stanford's "Copyright and Fair Use" site is dull but authoritative.
                 A paper from the recent Educause conference by Janis H. Bruwelheide, Ed.D., Montana State University-Bozeman which presents
               a brief overview of ideas and concerns concerning "who owns what," discusses issues relevant to learner support and student
               ownership and presents ideas about ownership which institutions might consider. Also gives overview of copyright changes and
               issues for 1998 and 1999 and links to sources of additional information.
                 An informative site presented by the University of Texas

    Internet-Intranet-Extranet Relationship

    Remote Access Tools

    LAN Technology

    Technical, Economic, Public Policy and Social Aspects of Telecommunications

    Telecommunications Hardware and Software Vendors

    USENET Newsgroups

    Periodicals High-Speed Wide-Area Networks LANs Networks Management Networks Applications

    SAN (Storage Area Networks) Architectures

    Top 10 Government Web Sites (unique visitors (in millions) in June '99): (Source: Media Metrix, Inc.)

    Telecommunications Career Search

    Web collaboration, personal management, and scheduling tools

    Web Publishing Resources

    HTML Resources

               This is for PC and now also for MAC. This one is usually classified as WYSIWYG and Quasi. They offer a free trial
               version--otherwise it's $79.            Filemaker's Home Page allows both WYSIWYG and plain HTML edit modes, is available for both MAC and PC, and offers a free
               trial software version (otherwise about $99).            HoTMetal Pro 6.0 ($129) has three levels of user editing and includes their "site-maker" WYSIWYG level which offers a variety of
               templates that can be used to make webpages by those who do not know HTML.            Web Express is available for a free 30 day trial and has many easy to use WYSIWYG features. It retails for about $70.            Microsoft FrontPage offers quasi and code modes, but the 2000 is only available for PC. About $149            Macromedia's Dreamweaver--this is overkill for most of our instructors. There is a free trial version available. $299 retail but educator
               prices are also available            From May 4th, 1999, a comparative review from Wired's WebMonkey pages of the major players of the WYSIWYG type. It includes
               some discussion of how these editors have recently changed and improved. Again, every review needs to be taken with a grain of
               salt--price, and your own particular webpage creation needs all should be taken into consideration.

    Selected Electronic Journals on Telecommunications


    The following web sites contain information to supplement class discussion of the social impacts of telecommunications.