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History of Mathematics Links
NOTE: The user is encouraged to verify the accuracy and reliability of any material drawn from the listed sources.
  • The Mathematical Museum - History Wing at ZIB (DE)
  •      Contains a LARGE COLLECTION of links to other mathematical Web resources!
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive at St Andrew's University (UK)
  •      A wide range of material, includes over 1000 biographies of mathematicians -- NB: the information available here is not always reliable!
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians at Agnes Scott College (USA)
  •      Some detailed biographies of women mathematicians as well as many biographical sketches, this collection is growing.
  • History of Mathematics at Clark University (USA)
  •      Extensive chronology of mathematicians, includes non-western mathematics.
  • The History of Mathematics at Trinity College (Ireland)
  •      Contains excerpts from W. W. Rouse Ball's A short account of the history of mathematics
  • The Mathematical Quotations Server at Furman University (USA)
  •      Quotations by mathematicians and on mathematics
  • Favorite Mathematical Constants
  •      Information on well-known as well as some more obscure constants.
  • The Hooke Museum of the History of Science at Oxford (UK)
  • Other Math Resources

      Mortgage Calculator -- among other things, this site will calculate a full amortization table!

              Math Archives -- a resource for teachers as well as mathematicians

    Tutorials/White Papers

      An Introduction to Mathematisc for Business and Everyday Life