Generic Services

Every project is unique and every change is unique. The following is the framework of services that we provide to help you assess and address your distinct change requirements.


Designing, developing, and executing a change transition program requires the same processes and rigor as any well-run project. Work packages, budgets, resources, and risks must be planned and managed. We can augment your project manager’s skill set or provide complete project management for your change transition program.


Getting the requirements right and getting the right requirements is the foundation for building and delivering a quality people change transition program. To begin with, we must understand why the project is being launched in the first place – how it connects to the overall business strategies of the organization, and what the goals and expected outcomes of the project are. Then we examine the people who will be affected by the project and assess the impact and the risks associated with each audience group. Using our tools and techniques, we can get you started by performing a thorough needs assessment and audience analysis.


Before designing the details of the change transition program, it is always recommended that a change strategy be agreed on first. The strategy will outline the change team structure, the sponsorship model, strategies for communications, learning and support, a change risk assessment, and recommendations on tactics to deal with unique circumstances related to the particular change. As strategists, we help you define the right approach for successful implementation.


Determining what and how to measure the success of your change transition program can be a daunting task. With our experience in cost effective measurement techniques, we can help you define and build measurement and tracking tools that aid in effectively monitoring your progress for the current project and provide valuable lessons for future endeavors.


A high quality communications program is the glue that holds the entire people change transition together. Working with your existing communications structures, we can help you define your communication strategy, build a comprehensive communication program and implement it, ensuring that the right people get the right information at the right time.


The learning program provides the learner with the skills they need in order to be successful during and after project implementation. An effective learning program results from thorough needs assessment – careful consideration of skill gaps, capacity and environment for learning, risks, and budget. We have the experienced designers and developers that stay focused on the needs of your learner and help you build and deliver the right level of learning program.


Do you need your project teams to understand more about people and change? Do you need your managers to have better skills and understanding about their roles as change agents and sponsors? We can provide full training, short seminars or simply lunch and learn sessions that will assist your organization in becoming more change savvy.


A visible and supportive sponsor can be the key to success on any project involving change. Despite their desire however, most sponsors are unaware of the need or lack the skills for being an effective sponsor. We can assess the sponsorship gaps and provide direction, coaching, and templates to assist sponsors in being successful change leaders.


Providing support before, during, and after implementation will shorten timelines and help to sustain the change. Support comes from a number of sources, many of which are already in existence in an organization. We can help identify your existing support sources, assess the support gaps, and work with you to build the right support structure for your change.